Shanti Shanker

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I completed my BA and M.Sc. in Psychology from India in 2005; I gained some work experience as an academic assistant, and behavioural trainer.

Later, I briefly worked in Australia (University of Western Australia, Perth) as a research assistant and was introduced to neuropsychological assessments.


I then continued to gain experience as a research assistant in the Stanford Memory Lab (


In 2008, I received a summer research fellowships (Indian Institute of Science) to spend some time in the National Brain Research Centre (NBRC) where I worked on a pilot study (using fMRI), in Dr. Aditya Murthy’s Lab.  I then continued to hold various posts as a clinical psychologist/Neuropsychologist with various hospitals/clinics in Mumbai, India.


I first moved to Bangor in 2010 to complete my M.Sc. in Foundations of Clinical Neuropsychology. My M.Sc. thesis, supervised by Dr. Martyn Bracewell was entitled “White matter microstructures: underlying timing and rhythm in healthy controls.”


Every experience and crises has some representation in our memory. I am interested in how does our brain choose which memory is to be remembered and what should be forgotten? Also, how do our emotion and/or emotional capacities affect this choice? Specifically, I will be investigating this in neurological patients. In addition, my longstanding interest is how can we extend this research and integrate the information into everyday neurorehabilitation? I use behavioural and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) approaches.


I also contribute as a teaching assistant on these modules:

M.Sc.  Advanced Statistics (2011-12/2012-13)

Biological Foundations of Memory, 3rd year Undergraduate (2012-13)

Research Methods, 2nd year Undergraduate (2011-12)



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